House Rules

  • Check in at 1400 hrs on arrival; and Check out at 1200 hrs on departure.
  • Villas are owned by private individuals, some of whom live here for long periods or permanently. Please respect the right to peace, quiet and enjoyment of the facilities by observing our simple rules.
  • Loud and noisy parties are strictly not allowed on the premises.
  • Please note that as a strict policy, do not exceed the number of people registered for the stay at the Villa
  • Please ensure you take care of all your personal belongings during your stay in the villa. “Villotel Vacations” will not be responsible for them. Keys are provided for wardrobes, for safe-keeping of your belongings.
  • If you are with a group renting 2 or more units, please be careful not to mix items in your unit with those of another. Unit inventories are done on a regular basis.
  • Parking for each villa is marked and can be used during your rental stay. If the home owner’s car has already been parked please use the main car park.
  • Towel or linen replacements aren’t provided on a daily basis. If you are staying 6 nights or longer we can provide a towel and linen change weekly during your stay. Please let housekeeping know what day you would like to have it done. Also, housekeeping is available for an additional fee. Each unit has a washer/dryer for your convenience.
  • In case your villa is damaged in anyway during your stay, then the damages will be deducted from the advance paid. Any missing home items like owners personal belongings, kitchen-ware, furniture, linens etc, during your stay are also liable for payment. Since these villas are rent-back, we will need to contact the owners to estimate the damage costs which you will need to bear.
  • Recreational hours are from 8 am to 8 pm. Please restrict your use of Gym to this time. The clubhouse can be used for gathering purposes after informing the front office.
  • Pool maintenance and gardening is done on daily basis for which pool staff are authorized to enter villa. If you are in the villa they will announce their arrival.
  • No lifeguard is on duty, so swim at your own risk. Children are allowed to swim or play in the pool only when adults are present. Please maintain constant supervision over children. No swimming in rainy weather or in thunderstorms. No eating or chewing gum and no diving or rough play is permitted in the pool. All swimmers must use proper swimwear when swimming.
  • Please do not hang your laundry to dry on railings, furniture or other areas. A clothesline is provided in the back balcony of one of the bedrooms for this purpose.
  • Cars also should be left in main parking after 11 pm with the exception of cars/ taxis arriving and departing from the airport or homeowners driving to the site for their first night. Bikes should not be driven onsite after this time.
  • Please don’t flush anything other than human waste down toilets as this will cause damage to the sewage system.
  • Please do not litter the premises. You can dispose garbage in various bins provided at strategic locations.
  • Pets are not allowed unless we get approval from the owner of the villa. Please do not allow your pets to litter around within the complex.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the rooms. There are ample designated smoking areas, outside the villa or on balconies and terraces. .
  • Please show respect to all site staff and in the event of any concern please contact the Rentals Manager so the point can be dealt with.
  • We would appreciate it if you would clean all the dirty dishes, close all taps, and place all trash and recyclables in bins provided in the kitchen.
  • Switch off gas, all electricals, light fittings and air conditioners when not in use and on departure. Please drop the keys off at the front desk, and we will give you a receipt upon your departure.
  • The “Villotel Vacations” will not be responsible for any injury or ill health resulting from the use of any of the property’s facilities or for accidents occurring within the premises.
  • You are requested to observe the government rules and regulations in respect of registration, alcohol and substance use, firearms, codes of behaviour etc. C forms should be filled and handed to security for processing if required.
  • “Villotel  Vacations” reserves the right to add or alter or amend any of the above terms and conditions and rules.
  • Butler service is available at extra cost. The ingredients/groceries need to be sourced. A simple breakfast would cost Rs.200 whereas each main meal would cost Rs.300. All three meals are available at the cost of Rs.800 per day.

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