Plan a relaxing retreat at Windchimes cottage in Nainital!Nainital is one of the jewels of Uttarakhand. The place is well- known as the Queen of Lakes. Here you can locate seven lakes in and around Nainital which brings plenteous travellers from different places. It is one of the best stopover hill stations in India. Nainital offers bounteous rental spaces that provide you very comfortable stays with impeccable accommodation. If you want to have a modified and perfect experience in the lap of nature then Nainital is the place for you! At this mountain cottage in Nainital where you can have good time with your family and friends because here the day starts with a perfect breakfast, you can start your day with a reading followed by soothing afternoon or listen to some melody or walk down the trails and in the cottages you are permissible to cook the food of your own choice.A cottage on a hill overlooking the valley is exceptional because it has a wonderful view and weather to boot. Nainital is waiting to overwhelm you with its splendid views. During your stay in Windchimes cottage, you can get an area which is spread over three and a half stories. Each room is designed with a wood paneling with comfortable sit-outs, modern bathrooms, snug beds, and most of all scenic beauty. All in all, Windchimes Cottage in Nainital will be a memorable stay if you are vacating with family or friends.During your stay at Windchimes, you will experience various horizons which include Himalayan peaks, gardens with flora and fauna and mainly the comfort of home that seeps a glitzy touch of the interiors. In cottages, you would experience old British architecture with the wonderful aura and vibes which gives you a composed feel during the stay. So, plan a trip to Nainital and make it full of fun and adventure with the aroma of calmness and organic beauty. Moreover, grab the best deals at affordable rates.